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dejohnson is an interdisciplinary artist using aural (sound), textual (poetry and prose), and visual (digital paintings, photographs, and film/video) arts to share his inspiration and dreams.

aural - his written and recorded compositions have been performed, distributed, and broadcast in Europe, the Netherlands, North America, and Russia.

Johnson has received several commissions for film, theater, and commercial music from international organizations, universities, artists, recording labels, and studios.

He has composed for film, video, and the theater, creating sound design and incidental music, along with featured pieces for various media. Johnson is a guest lecturer and performer.

He was elected to the Society of Pi Kappa Lambda by Arthur Corra from the Epsilon Chi Chapter and is a member of The Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers (CPCC).

AKA CiViLiAN, Johnson has contributed to several compilation and tribute CDs (see aural). He was a founding member of the Time Beings, an avant garde/post-pop/jazz ensemble. He was also a founding member in Cindy Tells Me, a New York City-based post-nuclear alternative metal band.

textual - he is a published author, editor, and poet. His works have been published in several quarterlies, most of which are now defunct.

Johnson is currently working on a collection of his poetry titled "Texts for Something". He is also compiling a series of short stories for future release.

visual - his visual work consists of digital images, photographs, and a variety of other media. Johnson has created in various media including chalk, charcoal, digital, film/video, oil, pastels, pencil, photography, sculpture, and watercolor.

His work has received many gallery showings. He has collaborated on many independent films and videos.

His current fascination with digital media focuses on creating evocative imagery through manipulating photographs. Many of his works are autobiographical and often have musical, poetic, or biographical titles.

Johnson is currently working on a book of his art work and a line of postcards.

studies - he graduated from Illinois State University with a Master of Music in Theory and Composition while being awarded a full tuition scholarship for his masters work (4.0). He studied composition, form and analysis, advanced orchestration, and counterpoint with the Guggenheim Award recipient, Roque Cordero.

Johnson also studied art, graphic design, and literature, along with voice, viola, percussion, guitar, extensive audio and recording, electronic music, MIDI, and multimedia.

He owns and operates Raconteur Productions, a service organization offering custom graphic and text design and website development.

Johnson continues to create in a variety of media...

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